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Hastings HVAC, a world leader in commercial and industrial heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment. We offer a company-staffed field service organization to ensure that Hastings' products are properly built, properly installed and properly serviced. Hastings HVAC, Inc. is a qualified small business registered in the Central Contractors Registration at

Hastings HVAC has manufactured commercial and industrial HVAC equipment since 1938, and has attained world-wide reputation for quality and excellence under the Hastings HVAC and Dravo-Hastings names.

Your can depend  on Hastings HVAC for quality, reliability, service and application experience.  It's time for you to discover the advantages offered by Hastings HVAC.

Contact us today!  Use our interactive MAP for a rep near you. If one is not listed, contact the Hastings office and we will have a sales person contact you. Interested in being a Hastings sales representative? Contact David Krueger at (402) 463-9821 ext. 260 for more information. There are exciting opportunities waiting for you at Hastings.