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Parts & Support

Looking for a genuine Hastings or Dravo-Hastings part or service?
It's right here at home in Hastings! Kathy, Scott, Karen and Skii are ready to help you with quality factory direct parts, knowledgeable technical help and courteous prompt service.
We still stock discontinued Furnas Starters and Contacters.  Give us a call if you are looking for a quick delivery.  Please note: Stocks are limited and when they are gone...they're gone.
When contacting us, please have the model and serial number of you units available.
Specific Wiring Diagram Packages are available for a fee. (Units are custom built per space and a "standard" wiring diagram does not exist)

Sign up for Exclusive Hastings HVAC Pictorials and Instructional Videos on finding Specification Plates and other useful diagnostic information using the link below!

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Hastings accepts government credit cards.

Service Parts Policy

      1.       Quotations on replacement part(s) are valid for 5 days from the date of quotation.

2.       If the Hastings HVAC, Inc. sales representative initiates a request for a quotation for replacement part(s) prior to any request from another party, the sales representative shall have priority in securing the replacement parts order for a period of 30 days from the date of quotation. 

3.       If the Hastings HVAC, Inc. sales representative initiates a request for a quotation for replacement part(s) after another party has initiated the same request, the representative shall be quoted the replacement part(s) at the sales representative multiplier, however, the sales representative will not have priority in securing the replacement part(s) order. 

4.       If the Hastings HVAC, Inc. sales representative secures the replacement part(s) order but does not elect to be the “sold to party”, they may elect to have the replacement part(s) order billed directly to the customer, and shall receive a 10% commission based on the invoiced value of the replacement part(s) excluding freight costs, provided the replacement part(s) order exceeds $100.00.

5.       Hastings HVAC, Inc. has established a discount multiplier schedule that will apply to Hastings HVAC, Inc. representatives, service contractors, distributors, and end users.

6.        All replacement parts orders are warranted for a maximum period of 90 days from date of shipment.  Any replacement parts failures within the 90 day warranty period shall be replaced free of charge, excluding labor.  All replacement parts failures must be returned to Hastings HVAC, Inc. within 30 days of the ship date of the warranty replacement parts and must utilize the “RGA” tag provided by Hastings HVAC, Inc. for reference.  All returns must be prepaid by shipper, as Hastings HVAC, Inc. will not accept any C.O.D. shipments.

Contact us today!

Toll free: 1-800-228-4243 or 1-800-228-4270
Local Phone: 402-463-7211
Fax: 402-462-8006

Field/Factory Start-Up Report:

This report is included with Hastings equipment packets.  For compliance with warranty, it is required to be filled out and a copy returned to Hastings HVAC at time of start-up.  If a blank form is needed, click here.

Request for Start-up Form.pdf
This form needs to be filled out prior to factory service request being considered.

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