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Counterflo Heater

Indirect-Fired Industrial Heater
CF Model -Basic Counterflo Heater.
RCF Model -
Curb Mounted Rooftop Unit
CFDF Model
Counterflo Duct Furnace


The Counterflo indirect-fired heater is a versatile unit that is well suited for a variety of applications. The standard unit includes components and controls for a space heating application. Other control packages are available that allow the Counterflo to be used for make-up air, heating and ventilating, cooling, and even special high temperature process applications. The name Counterflo comes from its compact and highly efficient four-pass heat exchanger design.

Space Heating
Heating & Ventilating
Make-Up Air

High Temperature Processes
Door Heating

Counterflo Industrial Heater


Counterflo Product Specifications
Natural, Manufactured or Propane Gas; Steam, Electric, Hot Water
Btu/Hr: 400,000-4,500,000 Output
SCFM: 4,500-70,000
Firing: Indirect
Mounting: Floor or Suspended
Location: Indoor or Outdoor
Bulletin:/Bulletin CF-1.pdf CF-1
Service Manual: ISCF-1 SERVICE MANUAL.pdf
Cooling: DX, CW Can be Added
Approvals: C.S.A. Available