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Electric Heating Systems

SBE Series - Electroflo  
Applications: Electric Heating System
  • Space Heating
  • Heating/Ventilating/Cooling
  • Make-up Air
  • Door Heating

The Hastings SBE Series fills a niche in the market for heating in areas where other types of fuel are unavailable, inaccessible, or unacceptable for the application.

Built on Hastings' reliable SB platform, the SBE Series Electroflo incorporates an industrial-duty electric heating module with blowers and a choice of control options:

  • SBEH - Space Heating with 100% Return Air
  • SBEM - Make-Up Air with 100% Outside Air
  • SBEV - Heating / Ventilating - Mixed Outside/Return Air
Safety is assured by using UL components and a proven design. When required, NEMA 1 Control Enclosures may also be upgraded to UL Listed construction.


Fuels: Electric
Btu/Hr: 58,000(17KW), 5,059,996 (1483 KW)
SCFM: 2,000-75,000
Firing: Electric
Mounting: Floor or Suspended, Vertical/Horizontal
Location: Indoor or Outdoor
Bulletin: /Bulletin SBE-1w.pdfBulletin SBE-1

Service Manual: ISSB-1 SERVICE MANUAL .pdf
Cooling: DX or CW (Chill Water) Coil Sections Available.
Note:  Chiller packages available for split DX systems.