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Cooling/Heating Systems


IHYR Series -Year-Round Heating/Cooling/Make-up Air (80% Eff.) (Separated Combustion Indoor Models)
IHCH Series -
Space Heating and Cooling (80% Eff)
CU Series - Air Cooled Condensing Unit (Optional upon request)
EC Series - Direct Evaporative Cooling Sections

Space Heating
Make-Up Air
Heating & Ventilating

Cooling/Heating System

Product Specifications
DX or Chilled Water Cooling, Natural or Propane Gas, Electric, Steam or Hot Water Heating
Cooling: 3-50 Tons, 3-80 H.P. Compressors
Heating: 76,000-1,280,000 Btu/hr Output
SCFM: 1,000-32,520
Location: Indoor or Outdoor
Service Manual:ISIRHS,RCH-1 SVC MANUAL.pdf
Approvals: A.G.A./C.G.A.

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