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HVAC Applications

What is Heating and Ventilating?
A heating and ventilating system combines the functions of both space heating and make-up air in a single unit. Space heating involves heating the air that is in a given space and recirculating it. In a make-up air application, outside air is heated and brought inside to provide fresh air to replace any air exhausted from a building. A heating a ventilating system is designed to provide both functions to give maximum flexibility for just about any application.

What is Make-Up Air Heating?
This HVAC application involves taking outside air, heating and conditioning it to replace air exhausted from industrial or commercial buildings.

The Need for Make-Up Air
Air exhausted from industrial or commercial buildings must be replaced. If provisions are not made for make-up air, there will likely be air starvation creating negative pressure within the building. This negative pressure, in turn, causes: outside air infiltration and cold drafts; down or back drafts in heating equipment flues, ventilators and stacks; reduced exhaust fan air volumes resulting in inadequate removal of contaminants; uncomfortable, and in many instances, unhealthy working conditions; and other problems.

How to Recognize the Need for Make-Up Air


-Back drafts and frequent pilot outages on natural draft heating equipment
-Doors difficult to open
-Exhaust fans not exhausting air

Cause:-Negative inside pressure from too little air replacing the air being exhausted

-Heater not heating buildings
-Cold drafts
-Dust and dirt being drawn into building

Cause:-Negative inside pressure from too little air replacing the air being exhausted
Symptom:-Employees develop nausea and headaches
Cause:-Build–up of inside contaminants due to inadequate ventilation

Source of Make-Up Air
With most applications requiring exhaust air provisions, replacement air must enter building either by infiltration through openings such as doors or windows, or be supplied by a make-up air system. Infiltrated air is unheated, draft ridden and unfiltered resulting in an uncomfortable, uneven and often unclean environment. A controlled source of make-up air eliminates many problems infiltration.

Hastings HVAC Make-Up Air Solutions
Hastings HVAC has many different solutions for any make-up air application. However, the SBD series direct gas-fired system is the most fuel efficient and cost-effective make-up air solution. In a direct gas-fired system, the intake air passes directly over an open flame. The kinetic energy of the airflow helps to achieve complete combustion to provide discharge air with combustion products well within code prescribed safety limits. Because all of the heat of the fuel is transferred directly into the air stream, a direct gas-fired system achieves 100% combustion efficiency and 92% overall thermal efficiency (8% of the heat is lost to latent heat of water formed in combustion.

Direct Fired Burner for Make Up Air Unit

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