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Gas Duct Furnaces

IHRDV Series - Indoor/Outdoor Models

Hastings HVAC has a full line of high efficiency industrial duct furnaces for indoor and outdoor installations. Power vented furnaces with a balanced flue design ensure complete combustion at all operating conditions. Hastings duct furnaces feature our patented airfoil shaped heat exchanger with horizontal radiation ribs and large free area between tubes to yield high heat transfer with a low-pressure drop. Internal baffles increase heat transfer efficiency. External vertical airfoil baffles are placed between each pair of tubes to cause the air to scrub the tube surfaces and pick up even more heat. The external baffles also deflect more air towards the bottom of the tubes where heat pickup is greatest. On high airflow applications, the external baffles are unnecessary, and are removed to reduce even further the already low air pressure drop. As a consequence, by-pass ducts and dampers are eliminated saving both cost and space. The potential problems of air stratification and heat exchanger burnout associated with furnace bypass systems are also prevented. It is not necessary to oversize the duct furnace to avoid by-pass ducts.

The heat exchangers on Hastings duct furnaces are available in 409 stainless steel to provide a broad range of protection against the effects of high temperature and corrosion. Type 409 stainless steel is a low carbon steel containing about 12% chromium and a small amount of nickel that offers good corrosion resistance.


Single furnaces are available from 160 MBH to 400 MBH heat input. Two identical furnaces, each with individual gas manifold, may be factory assembled for heat inputs of 500 to 800 MBH. An “A” model duct furnace consists of two furnaces arranged side by side for high airflow. A “B” models duct furnace has two furnaces in series for high temperature rise.

Product Specifications
Fuels: Natural or Propane Gas
Btu/Hr: 128,000-640,000 Output
SCFM: 1,185 - 59,630
Firing: Indirect
Mounting: Floor or Suspended
Location: Indoor or Outdoor
Approvals: A.G.A./C.G.A.

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