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ISTD Duct Furnace

ISTD Series - 80% Efficient Indirect Fired Duct Furnace for Firing Natural Gas or Propane

The Hastings “ISTD” indirect gas fired duct furnace high efficiency tubular design heat exchanger has a wide range of MBH inputs from 100 MBH to 400 MBH with an output efficiency rating of 80% with selected airflows required to meet selected application.  Hastings “ISTD” duct furnace design will have turn down capabilities of 4:1 up to 12:1 based on project specifications. 

- Space Heating
- Make-Up Air
- Heating and Ventilation

Fuels:  Natural Gas or Propane Gas
Btu/Hr:  100,000 - 400,000
CFM:  823 - 9872
Mounting:  Floor or Suspended
Location - Indoor/Outdoor

Hastings HVAC ISTD Duct Furnace
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