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HVAC Coils


Fluid Coils - Heating and Cooling with hot or chilled water or with solutions of Ethylene or Propylene Glycol

Steam Coils - Standard or steam distributing construction available

Booster Coils - Stock 1-row and 2-row

Cooling & Refrigeration - DX coils as well as other styles available
Industrial Coils - Heavy/severe duty applications


Standard, Custom, Replacement, &Industrial Coils for HVAC Applications

Hastings HVAC can provide a full range of coils for your application. Whether you need a standard coil for quick installation in a new system or to go into one of our units, we can supply it.

Based on dimensions you provide to us, we can also provide a custom designed coil. This can be for a new application or for replacement in an old system.

Coils for Industrial Duty require stringent quality control and heavy construction.

Working with our suppliers, we can provide coils with an assortment of drainable circuiting options, high efficiency or easily cleanable fin surfaces, and a variety of construction materials. Coil dimensions can be almost any size.

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