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Steam + Water Heating Systems


SBS Series -Industrial Steam Heating System
SBW Series - Industrial Hot Water Heating System


Hastings SBS and SBW Series Industrial Heating Systems feature the package concept in steam and hot water heating systems. Either steam or hot water coils are incorporated into a factory assembled, wired and tested heating system. Six temperature control sequences are available to meet the requirements of most industrial heating applications.


Space Heating
Make-Up Air
Heating & Ventilating

Door Heating

Fuels: Steam or Hot Water
Btu/Hr: 70,000-9,825,000
SCFM: 1,000-92,000
Mounting: Floor or Suspended, Vertical/Horizontal
Location: Indoor or Outdoor
Cooling: DX or Chill Water Coil Sections can be added for year-round systems.

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