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Cooper Tire & Rubber Company - Manufacturing Facility

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

For over a century, Cooper Tire based out of Ohio, has been dedicated to extraordinary safety, technology and standard-setting innovation in the tire replacement industry. It's not surprising that when Cooper began working with Hastings HVAC rep, Sandy's & Associates, that they were looking for units that align well with their own company's value: made to last quality.

THE PROBLEM: Originally, the Cooper Tire facility was operating at negative air pressure due to the large process exhaust airflow.  The existing untempered make-up air was impacting worker productivity and impacted the curing times of the tires. 

THE SOLUTION: The 5 new make-up air handling units (SBD-227) will provide fresh ventilation air in the summer and heated air in the winter to the plant, increasing the air quality for the employees and improving the curing times of the tires.  The new makeup air handling units will produce enough CFM (cubic feet per minute) to overcome the current negative air pressure in the plant.  

This specific SBD series is designed to furnish fresh, clean and heated air from a controlled source by the most fuel-efficient and cost effective means. The SBD system uses a method of supplying heated air into a building by passing fresh air directly over a gas flame in the air stream.

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