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Softengine Solves Chronic Inventory & Production Issues for Hastings HVAC

For many years Hastings HVAC had relied upon an ineffective MRP (material requirements planning) software program, and an assortment of Excel spreadsheets, paper forms, and handwritten notes. Due to the limitations of the MRP software, which was used primarily for accounting functions, inventory, and production related tasks were performed outside the system.

“Tracking our equipment was another challenge,” added Shawn Hartmann. Most of our items have their own unique bills of materials (BOM’s). Unfortunately, without the right MRP solution in place, we didn’t have one system in which to place our BOM’s with their associated drawings and diagrams. Instead, like other parts of our operations, we relied on spreadsheets for this information.”

Read more about how Hastings HVAC has increased productivity, gained better control of inventory, reduced turn around time for our customers and more by reading the full article here.

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